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How does it work?

A key consideration in the design of Mission Ready is accessibility; how to deliver a value for money, serious training course in an engaging and dynamic format. By incorporating cutting edge game technology, Mission Ready challenges you to answer questions in real-time through ‘point-of-view’ interactive video scenarios. The platform responds intelligently to your choices and delivers feedback on your learning progress.

The key learning objectives of each course are delivered via ‘a three pronged approach’:

  1. Documentaries: Newly developed theoretical content is introduced through short micro-documentaries which lay out the key learning points of the course over six accessible modules. These documentaries will include interviews from a range of prominent experts in the security sector.
  2. Course Summary: Each module’s written content has been developed by leading humanitarian security experts.  You can read, print and return to this content at any time throughout the course.
  3. Interactive Scenarios: At the end of the course, interactive scenarios will test your ability to learn and apply the approaches and measures contained in the course content to improve your personal security and the security of your staff when living and working in insecure environments. Essential theory will immediately be put into practice in real-life simulation exercises where you will have to make decisions using what you have learned through the course.   The course is designed to put you through a realistic set of choices faced by humanitarians’ in a hostile environment, in order to adopt good practises.