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Mission Ready is changing

Mission Ready was made possible thanks to donor support from DFID and USAID. This allowed us not only to develop the immersive learning materials but also to make the learning accessible at a subsidised rate for the NGO community. Sadly, project funding came to a close in October 2018. In advance of that happening, we had been actively exploring opportunities that would allow us to continue to offer affordable access to the security-related courses developed.

In partnership with our learning partner, Digital Training Solutions, who developed the Near-Life™ interactive video approach used in Mission Ready, we agreed a way forward that would see us consolidate our learning materials with additional, security-related content that is already in existence.

This will mean that from 1 April 2019 the two Mission Ready courses, Field Security Management and Remote Security Management, will be moving to HostileWorld.

HostileWorld has been designed as a central resource for learning materials related to security and other areas of risk. Currently, an online HEAT course exists that was developed with the support of UK ISAR. With the wide applicability of HEAT, it means that ongoing support and maintenance costs can be covered to ensure that the NGO-specific learning continues to be made available at an affordable rate and, importantly, in a way that is sustainable.

Going forward

You will still be able to purchase licences via the Mission Ready platform until 20 March 2019. This will allow us to transfer over all live accounts to the HostileWorld platform in time for the 1 April 2019 deadline.

Mission Ready will be live and accessible until 31 March 2019.

These changes have been communicated to existing learners and organisations.

Anyone requiring further information about these changes can contact the Mission Ready support team via email HERE.